University Student Car Insurance

University is an amazing time in any young person’s life and the freedom of living out on your own, perhaps for the first time, is even better when you have your own car with you too. However, taking your car with you can often just add to the great expense of university.

At The Insurance Factory we appreciate how much university is already costing you and look to search the market and our panel of insurers to help arrange cover for your car. We know that having your car with you makes life that bit easier and provides you with that comfort, knowing you are free to come and go as you wish. From weekends visiting home or friends at other universities, to simply getting you safely to your part time job, a car at university can be a real necessity.

Why can it be so expensive to insure my car?

There can be a few factors, firstly your age as you will be at higher risk of having an accident and are less experienced. Secondly it could be your new address - with many student digs in less desirable postcodes to keep the cost of living down, your car could be at higher risk of damage and theft. This is why insurance is so important, so to get competitive cover, speak to The Insurance Factory.