How to keep your courier van secure

Recent statistics on van-related crime in the UK are pretty alarming. According to research from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, cited by, the number of vans stolen in the UK has jumped by 45% over the past four years alone.

There were 32,056 reported van thefts between 2015/16 and 2018/19, equating to around 22 vans stolen every single day.

London drivers are most at risk of having their vehicles stolen: 4,777 thefts in the capital were reported to the police between 2018 and 2019, representing just over half of all reported thefts and a 15% hike on the previous 12 months.

Of course, this is just one type of van-related crime – others include things like theft of tools and equipment, along with criminal damage.

As a courier, theft or damage of your van is likely to force you to put your business on hold. Without a van, you won’t be able to deliver your parcels – you could lose money and potentially future custom.

This is why it’s really important to take steps to protect your van in any way you can. Here are some top tips you might find useful.

First things first: check your van is insured

A courier van driver unloading some packagesAll vehicles need to be covered with insurance, but you need a tailored policy that reflects the unique needs of your business and protects against the associated risks. After all, you don’t want to be left out of pocket should anything happen to your van.

The Insurance Factory works with some of the market’s leading providers and endeavour to arrange a courier insurance policy to fit your specific requirements, for a price that’s right.

Install and improve your van’s security features

Depending on the age of your van, it may already feature a set of in-built security features. But, old or new, there are many additional devices you can purchase reasonably cheaply that will bolster your van’s security and prevent it from being stolen or broken into. These include:

Steering lock

The humble steering lock remains one of the best tools for preventing vehicle theft. Do your research to find out which ones are best for your van – opting for a lock in a bright colour will make sure it catches the eyes of would-be thieves before they try their luck at gaining entry.


A tracker isn’t going to stop your van from being stolen, but it will seriously boost the chance of it being recovered in the event it was. TRACKER is the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist and the only company partnered with the police. You’ll pay for installation and a subscription, but with this comes peace of mind your van is being tracked at all times.

Additional locks

Doors are the main vulnerability on your van, so you need to make sure that they are extra secure. Additional locks come in the form of deadlocks, which require a key similar to the deadlocks used on your door at home; stoplocks, which link your van’s rear doors so that they can’t be forced apart; and a slam lock, which will lock automatically when you shut the van door. You should always tell your insurer before you retrofit any security features to your van – it’s possible your premium may be lowered as a result.

Key blocking pouch

Keyless van theft – where criminals use technology to break into vans without needing the key – is a serious issue. You’re most at risk if you have keyless ignition, so make sure you buy a blocker pouch or case for your keys to stop criminals from amplifying your fob signal to gain entry into your van.

Be mindful of where you park

A courier van driver loading his vanChances are, as a courier, you’ll be parking up numerous times every day to deliver goods to your customers.

It’s not feasible to park in secure public car parks each time, but you should still try to find the safest spot every time you stop.

If possible, avoid dark or quiet streets, instead opting for well-lit areas with lots of people around and ideally in view of a CCTV camera. If you can block some of the doors when parking up, that’s also a bonus.

At the end of each shift, it’s far more secure to park your van on a driveway if you have one, or even better, in your garage. Again, you could see your insurance premium lowered if you state that you park your van on your private property as opposed to a public road overnight.

Always lock up

This really goes without saying but you should always lock your courier van, even if you’re only leaving it for a short period of time. It would take a matter of seconds for a thief to get into your van and make off with something valuable – better to be safe than sorry!

Hide and remove valuables

Make sure that no valuables are left on display when leaving your courier van (for any amount of time), and fully close all of the windows. Even if you’re parking on your driveway overnight, it’s a good idea to remove items like sat navs, stereos or dash cams if they aren’t built into your vehicle.

Consider darkening your windows

You might want to think about making the rear windows on your van darker, to prevent people from peering in and seeing what’s inside. Just make sure you run any modifications you make to your van past your insurance provider.
A vehicle with darkened windows

Courier insurance from the Insurance Factory

Protect your livelihood with courier insurance arranged by the Insurance Factory. We can arrange policies with features and benefits tailored to your business, such as*:
  • Cover for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
  • Goods in transit cover up to £10,000
  • Light haulage
  • Liability insurance up to £2 million with cover extension available up to £5 million
  • Cover for carriage of goods, and hire and reward

If you’re unsure which type of policy would be best for you, simply call one of our operators to discuss your requirements. Or if you’re ready, get a quote today!
*All features and benefits are subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria