A DR10 conviction is where a driver is stopped by the Police and given a Breathalyzer Test to measure the amount of Alcohol in the system.

If you are above the legal limit you will “Usually” receive a DR10 endorsement on your licence.  This normally gives you a minimum of 12 months driving ban and a fine. We work with a range of specialist insurers who can provide cover for drink drive convictions either recently, or in the past.

No. You will need to read your Certificate of insurance to see if you have this extension on your Policy.  This extension of cover is not guaranteed on all car insurance policies. Often Policyholders Under the age of 25 or with limited driving experience will not have this cover.

It is impossible to state how much discount you will get for every years’ NCB, as different insurers will have a different discount for this rating factor. We work with a large panel of household names, and specialist insurers, and the maximum NCB which our panel can currently provide is up to 75%.

You can only generally insure more than 1 car on a single policy if you purchase a multi-vehicle policy. Insurance Factory do not currently offer this product. We do however have access to specialist schemes and discounts where we can “mirror” NCB from one policy to another, subject to meeting a particular criteria. You may be able to add a temporary car to your policy for a maximum of 2 weeks under certain circumstances.

If you are an existing Insurance Factory Car Insurance customer and are considering modifying your vehicle please contact us before you purchase or carry out any modifications. Most insurers will look at modifications to your car as an increased risk, either in terms of theft or performance, and may not be able to cover your modifications. If you fail to inform us of your car’s modifications either at inception, or during the policy period, you could run the risk of invalidating your insurance cover should you have an accident.

Yes you can. We work with a range of specialist insurers who cover drivers with criminal convictions.  It is important that when you purchase a convicted driver car insurance policy through us that you provide us with as much detail on your criminal convictions as possible, as insurers may invalidate your insurance cover if they don’t have your correct details.

You have the right to cancel your policy up to 14 days after receipt of documents from us. If you cancel the policy before it starts you will receive a refund of your premium. If your policy has started you will be charged a pro rata rate based on the number of days the policy was active, however your insurer may apply short period charges which are not proportionate to the annual premium. Please refer to your policy booklet for further details. The administrative charge for setting up your policy will not be refunded. Full details of our administrative charges can be found in our Terms of Business.

An excess is the contribution you make towards the cost of your claim. For instance, if your claim is £1,000, and your excess is £150, the insurer would pay you £850 in settlement of your claim. 
The Police seize vehicles to try and clamp down on uninsured cars and vans on the road.  The Police usually run various operations throughout the year where they target uninsured drivers whilst either driving around on patrol or sitting parked somewhere and using specialist computers to log registration numbers into a database to see the current status of a car or van.  You can also get your car or van seized for a number of other reasons including invalid or revoked driving licences.
Most insurer’s WILL NOT Insure you to get your car or van out of the Impound.  This is because there are specialist policies on the market to allow the release of a motor vehicle at competitive prices.  We offer a 30 day policy or a 365 day policy that will allow the release of your car or van.