Top driving gadgets for couriers

If you work as a courier, you’re going to love the latest driving gadgets, designed to make your day-to-day life easier.

Life as a courier can be highly rewarding, allowing you to meet new people every day and travel the UK extensively – best of all, you’re not stuck in an office!

On the other hand, hitting the road while working to a tight schedule isn’t always plain sailing. Encountering pitfalls such as speed cameras, dodgy directions and nerve-wracking parking spaces can cause unnecessary stress.

Why suffer when you don’t have to? Nowadays, there are plenty of cool and clever devices that all but solve driving-related problems, making your day behind the wheel as stress-free as possible.

Of course, you can’t control every risk. Working as courier, you’ll be transferring goods for which you may be liable, and some may be heavy or valuable – or both – making you a target for thieves. You’ll be driving a sizeable van, at least, which increases the chance of you being involved in road traffic accidents.

Insurance Factory offers straightforward courier insurance tailored to your specific needs and schedule – next time you head out in your van, we want you to have peace of mind you’re covered.

We know how busy you are, so we’ve checked out the newest driving gadgets for you, only selecting the best of the best. Why not treat yourself to one of these?

Syncwire Car Phone holder

Driving a van full of valuable goods requires total concentration, so the last thing you want is a phone mount with faulty suction.

If you depend on your phone’s sat-nav app for directions, you need a reliable, sturdy car phone holder. The Syncwire offers this and more, forgoing suction and instead combining magnetic grip with an adhesive pad.

You can drive down hills, round corners and brake: the Syncwire should still hold fast. The ball joint allows for easy rotation, should you wish to view your phone from a specific angle, while the holder’s clever antioxidant surface helps maintain its smart appearance.

Garmin 50 LM GPS Navigator System

An in-car GPS device offers certain perks a mobile phone can’t provide, creating safer driving experiences for those who work behind the wheel.

This is probably the best way to go, if you’re a busy courier. You’ll be travelling to a wide variety of places, around areas you’re unfamiliar with, so an in-car GPS’s wider screen and clearer instructions will lessen your chance of an accidental collision when navigating.

The Garmin 50 LM is good quality and affordable, offering straightforward directions and useful driver alerts for potential hazards such as school zones and tight bends.

Nextbase 312GW dashcam

While reliable courier insurance can provide significant protection, a top-notch dashcam gives you an extra layer of security if and when an accident occurs.

The Nextbase 312GW is a highly-rated dashcam that captures crisp footage and includes GPS – both of which can be very useful if you have a collision and another driver is at fault.

You won’t find yourself in a tangle of wires either: a handy magnetic base enables speedy handling, whether you want to secure the dashcam or remove it. It’s easily installed, too – all you have to do is plug it in, mount it and you’re ready to go.

LifePowr 3 port car charger

Couriers are out on the road for hours at a time, so a high-quality in-van charger is a must-have – most vehicles only offer one USB port.

You want to be able to call home whenever you need and keep your tablet charged up for entertainment during breaks.

The LifePowr 3 port car charger boasts one USB-A port and two USB-C ports. Two of the ports offer an 18W output, while the third can provide an impressive 60W, which can charge larger devices such as MacBooks.

Road Angel Pure speed camera locator

The Road Angel Pure may not come cheap, but it’s well worth the investment, especially when your job is based primarily on the road.

If you’re caught speeding, you could meet with a hefty fine, or, worse, a driving ban. The Road Angel Pure is an excellent camera locator, with a vivid display. It’s highly accurate and helps promote safer driving by letting you know current speed limits, issuing a warning if you break them – handy.

If you’d prefer using a free phone app, we recommend the TomTom Speed Cameras app. It’s super accurate and up to date, with a clear, user-friendly display.

KitSound Freeplay Bluetooth Hands free adapter

Using a hand-held phone while driving could mean 6 penalty points slapped on your licence, alongside a £200 fine – or worse.

This intelligent device works incorporates an Alexa function, working with the voice assistant to help drivers safely make and receive calls, alter navigation settings and switch music with ease.

The KitSound can be connected to your call via an auxiliary lead or Bluetooth, so you’ll be chatting with Alexa, friends and family in no time!

TyrePal Solar

Why spend money on fuel or costly punctures when you don’t need to?

If you’re covering big distances, you want to maintain prime fuel efficiency, and if you’re transferring goods on a tight schedule, the last thing you need is a flat tyre.

Maintaining optimum tyre pressure will save you time and cash in the long run, so consider purchasing a TyrePal Solar TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system).

Once you’ve attached the wireless monitors to your tyres, you can keep watch over tyre health via an adhesive display pad that sits neatly on your dashboard.

Find the right courier insurance for you

While you can boost your safety on the road with smart gadgets, you can never rule out every risk. As a courier, your van and the goods you transport are your livelihood, so you want peace of mind you have reliable protection.

Insurance Factory can arrange courier insurance that fits around your business, vehicle and individual needs, including benefits and features such as:
  • Cover for goods in transit up to £10,000
  • Liability insurance up to £2m, with extensions available of up to £5m
  • Cover for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.

Enjoy your time on the road headache-free – get a quote today.