Insuring electric vehicles for convicted drivers

As the era of electric vehicles accelerates, the question of insurance for convicted drivers emerges as a pertinent topic. With a criminal conviction, securing car insurance can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Convicted driver insurance is a specialised type of coverage designed specifically for individuals with convictions. This article explores the ins and outs of insuring electric vehicles for convicted drivers.

Understanding convicted driver insurance

Convicted driver insurance is a type of specialist car insurance, designed to cater to drivers with convictions. These convictions can range from driving offences such as speeding or drunk driving to other types of criminal records. It's a specialised type of coverage that takes into account the unique risks associated with insuring convicted drivers.

Why convicted drivers need specialised insurance

Convicted drivers are often considered high-risk by insurers. This is because statistics show that individuals with convictions are more likely to be involved in accidents or engage in risky driving behaviours. As a result, insurers often charge higher premiums to cover the increased risk.

However, this doesn't mean that convicted drivers can't find affordable insurance. Insurance Factory can offer a quote on convicted driver insurance policies. They understand the challenges faced by convicted drivers and strive to provide a fair and affordable solution.

How convicted driver car insurance works

Just like any other car insurance policy, convicted driver insurance provides coverage for various risks associated with driving. These include damage to your vehicle, liability for injuries to other people, and property damage caused by an accident.

The difference lies in the underwriting process. Insurers offering convicted driver car insurance take into account the nature of the conviction, the time elapsed since the conviction, and the driver's current circumstances. This information helps them determine the risk level and calculate the insurance premium accordingly.

Electric vehicles and convicted driver insurance

The rise of electric vehicles has brought about new considerations for insurance. As more and more individuals opt for electric cars, the question arises: can convicted drivers insure electric vehicles?

Why electric vehicles may cost more to insure

While electric vehicles offer numerous benefits such as lower running costs and reduced emissions, they can be more expensive to insure than conventional cars. Here's why:

  • Higher purchase price: Electric vehicles typically have a higher initial purchase price compared to their petrol or diesel counterparts. This higher value can lead to higher insurance premiums because the potential cost to the insurer to repair or replace the vehicle in case of an accident is higher.
  • Expensive repairs: Electric vehicles come with advanced technology and specialised parts such as the battery, which can be costly to repair or replace. Moreover, not all mechanics are trained to work on electric vehicles, adding to the repair costs.
  • Higher theft risk: Some electric vehicles, especially high-end models, can be attractive to thieves due to their high market value and the demand for their parts.

Insuring electric vehicles for convicted drivers

Despite the higher insurance costs, convicted drivers can still find insurance for their electric cars. Insurance Factory offer a quote on convicted driver insurance for electric vehicles. These policies take into account the unique aspects of electric vehicles as well as the driver's conviction history.

The premiums are calculated based on various factors such as the type of conviction, the age and model of the electric vehicle, and the driver's current circumstances. By assessing these factors, insurers can offer a policy that accurately reflects the risk level.

Tips to lower convicted driver insurance for electric vehicles

While insurance for electric vehicles can be more expensive, especially for convicted drivers, there are ways to have car insurance companies lower the premiums.

Increase your excess

Voluntarily increasing your excess (the amount you pay towards a claim) your insurance provider can lower your premium. However, make sure the excess is an amount you can afford to pay in the event of a claim.

Install security features

Installing approved security features in your electric vehicle can help lower your insurance premium. These could include an immobiliser, alarm system, or a tracking device.

Limit your mileage

The less you drive, the lower your risk of being involved in an accident. If you can limit your annual mileage, you may qualify for a lower premium.


Obtaining convicted drivers car insurance for electric vehicles might seem challenging, but it's not impossible. With the right insurer and some smart steps, you can secure coverage for your electric vehicle without breaking the bank.

To get started with your convicted driver car insurance, contact the Insurance Factory today. Just call 0121 296 3075 to speak with a friendly team member or request a quote online. With Insurance Factory, you can drive your electric vehicle with peace of mind, knowing you're covered no matter your past.

Convicted driver frequently asked questions

Which motoring convictions result in a criminal record?

Not all motoring convictions result in a criminal record, but several serious offences do. The most severe of these criminal convictions include drink driving, drug driving, dangerous driving, and causing death by careless driving. These motoring convictions result in a criminal record because of their severity and the potential harm they can cause to others.

Drug and drink driving convictions are considered particularly more serious offences due to the increased risk they pose. Dangerous driving is another offence that can lead to a criminal record, particularly when it involves excessive speed or disregard for road laws. The most serious conviction, causing death by careless or dangerous driving, not only results in a criminal record but can also lead to lengthy prison sentences.

What are some implications of a motoring conviction?

A motoring conviction can have profound implications on an individual's personal and professional life. These convictions refer to the offences committed while operating a motor vehicle. The most immediate consequence of motoring convictions is typically a hefty fine or in more severe cases, imprisonment.

However, the impact of a conviction extends far beyond these immediate sanctions. Your driving license could be suspended or revoked, impeding your ability to commute to work, run errands, or enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Motoring convictions can dramatically increase your car insurance quotes and premiums as providers view you as a 'high-risk' driver. In some cases, insurers may even refuse to cover you altogether. Professionally, certain jobs may become inaccessible if they require a clean driving record or involve operating a vehicle.

Insuring an electric vehicle as a convicted driver?

While it's true that a conviction could make the process more challenging, it's far from impossible. Insurance Factory offer coverage to high-risk drivers. Your rates might be higher than average due to the perceived risk associated with your conviction.

I have a drink driving conviction, can I still get car insurance?

Having a drink driving conviction doesn't necessarily bar you from getting car insurance, though it can complicate the process. After such a conviction, insurers often perceive you as a high-risk driver, which means your premiums may significantly increase. You may opt for convicted driver car insurance which specialises in insurance for convicted drivers.