Top 5 vehicles for your courier business

If you’ve decided to set up your own courier business, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is which vehicle to buy.
Your van will become the lifeblood of your courier business. So, you need it to be reliable, you need it to be safe and you need it to provide ample space for the items you’re going to be delivering. And being relatively cheap to run is a big bonus, too!
Couriers rely entirely on their vehicles to do business. And with an asset this important, you need to protect it with quality courier insurance. Accessing a panel of specialist providers, we can find you courier insurance containing various benefits, for a competitive price.
We understand that when it comes to courier insurance, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We take the time to understand the unique needs of your business, before comparing quotes and finding a policy to suit.
But before that, it’s time to choose your van. Of course, the right van for you will depend on a whole host of factors, in particular the type of items you’re going to be carrying. But here are five popular options worth considering…

1. Ford Transit Courier

It’s only right to start with a van aptly-named the ‘Courier.’ As Honest John explains, it’s the smallest of the Ford van range (so is a great choice if for deliveries of small loads), yet is still able to carry a standard Euro pallet. Plus, it’s got a load length of 1.62 metres – the longest of its class.
Total cargo volume comes in at 2.3㎥, with a max payload of 590kg, and there are six tie-down points and four side-mounted panels within the load area. The modern interior makes the van feel incredibly spacious, despite its size; there’s a drawer under the driver seat, overhead stowage, plus a ‘mega-centre’ console that can fit A4 documents and a small laptop.
Where this van really shines, though, is on its fuel efficiency. The official MPG is rated as 53.3-70.6, leading it to feature top in Pendragon’s list of five most fuel efficient vans. Indeed, the compact and bijoux Courier will help you to keep fuel bills to a minimum as you make your way between A and B, and back again!

2. Citroen Berlingo

Another fuel-efficient choice, and one of the bigger compact vans available, the new Citroen Berlingo puts great emphasis on driver comfort, with ample space in the front.
As BuyaCar explains, the latest model benefits from a seven-inch touchscreen system with improved navigation (very handy for when you’re making deliveries). It’s a safe drive, too, with grip control improving traction in poor weather and modes for snow and mud.
The Berlingo contains road and engine noise well. The steering is light, with a tight turning circle to assist manoeuvring, and there’s a handy reversing camera. All these features make the Berlingo a great option for a compact courier van. And, Honest John rates it top for being the cheapest van to insure.

3. Ford Transit Custom

Now, for the medium-sized vans. Ford says its van has ‘class-leading loadspace,’ able to effortlessly accommodate standard 8’ x 4’ boards flat on the floor, or three Euro pallets. Its load-through storage space is super practical, allowing you to carry items up to 3.4m long without sacrificing the front passenger seats. Overall, the van has up to 6㎥ of space, but this increases to 6.8㎥ with the longer wheelbase.
What’s handy about the latest model of this van is the new acceleration control system, which adjusts the rate of acceleration based on whether the van is part- or unladen. The result? A drop in fuel consumption by up to 15%.
But the useful features don’t stop there. The new model features a blind spot information system; intelligent speed adjust (helping to keep you within the speed limit); and traffic alert, which lets you know if there’s any traffic when reversing out a space. All this makes for an impressive mid-sized courier van.

4. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Sprinter was crowned ‘most reliable van’ in the FN50 van reliability survey last year, marking four years in a row at the top.
Reviewing the Sprinter, AutoExpress says that it ‘offers all of the payload, cargo volume and configurations you could possibly need [...] while it also offers the latest tech from the Mercedes range.’
The van’s connectivity is a real plus if you envision operating a small fleet, as you can monitor and track the vehicles using special software. It’s also up there with the safest vans, owing to features including blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping. And as for space, it’s got plenty of that, with a cargo volume of 7.8㎥.

5. Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vivaro certainly gets top marks points for load practicality. The load area is accessed through split doors on the rear, each of which can lock individually, leading to the safer carrying of items. There are 20 load-lashing eyes on the floor and walls inside of the van, with a sliding side door to improve accessibility. The latest model load volumes range from 5.2㎥  in the L1H1 version to 8.6㎥  in the L2H2.
As well as packing plenty of safety features, the Vivaro is famed for being a comfy ride. It copes well with bumpy British roads, without sending lots of feedback through the chassis. The suspension is a little noisy, but that’s because road, engine and wind sounds are kept to a minimum.

Choose your van, get insured!

Once you’ve picked the perfect mode of transport, it’s time to think about courier insurance. Let Insurance Factory take the stress of finding cover away from you! We’ll work to find you a policy that best reflects your needs, for a competitive price.
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