Tool thefts prompt police warning

Police have warned van drivers to be on their guard after a series of tool thefts in Suffolk and on the Suffolk/Essex border.

Between Saturday 5 October and the early hours of Monday 7 October around 40 incidents of theft from motor vehicles were reported in the region, with vans being targeted for power tools.

The offenders gained entry by drilling doors and windows, Suffolk Police said.

“The theft of these power tools will cause a great deal of distress, upheaval and inconvenience to those who have had their vehicles broken into — in the vast majority of these cases we are talking about the livelihoods of these victims being disrupted due to the actions of those responsible,” said Detective Inspector Steve Clarke.

Officers advised van owners to register their tools for free at by taking note of the serial numbers and models, and to use ultraviolet pen to (invisibly) mark their property, which increases the chances of having them returned to you in the event of being lost or stolen.

Van drivers should also consider the following measures to reduce the risk of being a victim of crime:

A tradesman standing in-front of his van

- Always lock all doors and shut windows, and physically check that the van doors are locked.

- Park in a garage or secure area where possible.

- Park with the rear doors against a wall.

- If you park on your driveway consider installing motion-activated CCTV.

- Be particularly aware when unloading.

- Remove tools from the van if possible.

- To increase the security of tools, you can bolt a cage or box to the base of the van which should be secured with a sturdy close shackle padlock to reduce and deter theft.

- Setting an alarm or immobiliser will make it more difficult for offenders.

- Consider upgrading locks/fitting additional protection.

- Information on police-approved products can be found at

If you are offered tools in suspicious circumstances, do not buy them and let police know immediately via 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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