What are the best vans to buy as a fleet?

Are you looking to purchase a fleet of vans for your business? Whether that fleet will consist of three, four or more vehicles, you want to be sure you pick a make and model that provides great value for your money.
But what do we mean by ‘great value for money’? Well, you need vans that are reliable, but also you want them to be efficient in order to keep running costs as low as possible – this is especially important if you’re running a number of vans.

You also ideally want them to be fitted with plenty of features that are practical for the nature of your business, and help to keep you and your drivers both safe and comfortable on the road.
The van that’s best for you will largely depend on what your company does – for instance, if you’re a courier business or specialise in a trade with a team of tradespeople working for you. However, there are a number of vans that have gained a reputation for being great fleet vehicles, so these are a great place to start your research.
Once you pick the van that’s right for your company, we can help get you and your team on the road with van insurance. We take pride in helping business owners protect their valuable assets with competitively-priced van insurance tailored to their specific needs.
Now, let’s take a look at some potential options for your fleet van:

Ford Transit 

The Ford Transit is widely considered to be one of the best mid-sized vans for fleets. It looks smart on the outside, and inside is packed with heaps of in-car technology that will help to keep you and your team safe.

Such technology includes parking and lane sensors, traffic sign recognition system, speed assist and advanced cruise control. It’s even got integrated radars which detect what’s going on in your blind spots.
As Pendragon Vehicle Management explains, as well as clever storage ideas, the new Transit has nifty features like seats that can double up as desktops – perfect for doing business on-the-move.

The new Ford EcoBlue 2.0 litre TDCi engine delivers enhanced power and torque and at the same time, improved fuel economy and emissions.

Ford Transit Connect

Sticking with Ford, if you’re looking for something smaller than the standard Transit, the Connect is a good choice. Van and double-cab-in-van are your two body style options, and you can choose from two body lengths and a payload up to 903kg.
The new generation of Connects boast technology that offers increased safety, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Intelligent speed assist ensures drivers never go over the speed limit, while pre-collision assist warns the driver of potential collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles.

There are significant upgrades to the Connect’s diesel engines which have resulted in improvements to performance and responsiveness. They are quieter than their predecessors, too.
 Two delivery workers unloading a van

Vauxhall Movano

One of the reasons the Movano is such a popular choice of fleet van is because of the scope for personalisation. As Vauxhall notes, you can choose from four lengths, three different heights and a variety of loads.
If you and your team clock up the miles, the new Movano offers exceptional driver comfort thanks to adjustable lumbar support seats and optional, air-cushioned driver’s seat.

As well as ample load space (capacity extends from 8 to 22m3 and there’s space for five euro-pallets in the rear-wheel option), cargo will be super secure thanks to floor-mounted, load-lashing eyes. You can personalise your vans with protective floor and wall panels, as well.

Citroen Berlingo

Rated ‘International Van of the Year 2019’, Citroen calls its Berlingo ‘the ideal workmate for all professionals’. The new Berlingo features two new versions in the commercial range: the ‘Worker’ and the ‘Driver’.
The Worker is ideal for transporting equipment and people around all types of tricky terrain. It’s got features like grip control with hill descent assist, raised ground clearance, large wheels and mud and snow tyres for improved traction.

There are three seats in the front, a mobile office, plus increased modularity to better manage longer loads.
The Driver version is better suited to drivers making long trips or lots of deliveries in urban areas. Its seats have lumbar support, while acoustic improvements create a more refined driving experience.

There are handy driving aids like surround rear vision, while in the cab you’ll find an eight-inch colour touchscreen with connect nav and DAB radio.

Vauxhall Vivaro

The second Vauxhall on our list, the Vivaro is an efficient and practical van that’s ideal if the main part of your business involves transporting cargo. The van is up to 4.15m in length, explains Vauxhall, with easy access from the side and rear of the van.
Loads can be secured with 16 standard, floor-mounted eyes, while optional loading racks, shelf trays and drawers grant you more flexible storage.

There’s also a flexcargo load-through hatch, where you can push items through the hatch in the bulkhead – allowing you to store cargo up to 4.15m long. The Euro 6 engines with BlueInjection, coupled with start/stop technology, help to reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Van insurance from the Insurance Factory

Whichever model of van ends up as your fleet vehicle, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected with van insurance. At the Insurance Factory, we can arrange van insurance for a wide range of trades and uses, including:
  • Scrap dealers
  • Couriers
  • Transportation or fragile/hazardous goods
  • Young drivers
  • Convicted drivers
We understand that every business is unique, so allow you to tailor your van insurance policy with a number of optional extra products. These include things like guaranteed 14-day van replacement, excess protection, 14 day like-to-like van hire, and cover for your keys and gadgets.
When your vans are the lifeblood of your business, van insurance from the Insurance Factory can bring you peace of mind that these valuable assets are well protected. Once you’ve decided on your fleet van, get a free, no-obligation quote!