Car buyers concerned about getting a fair deal

Most buyers are excited about the car buying process, but more than half are concerned about getting a fair deal, new research shows. surveyed over 1,000 car buyers for its latest Consumer Insight Panel survey and nearly two-thirds (65%) described themselves as excited by the prospect of buying a car, compared with 34% who said they felt nervous.

The biggest concern among buyers is whether they will pay the right price for the vehicle they choose.

In the survey, 58% cited getting a fair deal as their biggest concern, followed by buying an unreliable car (52%), being hassled by sales staff (42%) or buying the wrong car for their needs (33%).

Used car buyers were more concerned about getting a fair deal (60%) than those buying new (55%).

In terms of demographics, 45-54 year olds were the most concerned about getting a fair deal (66%), followed by 25-34 year olds (62%) and women buyers (62%), compared with 55% of men.
motor trade salesman handing over the keys to a car to a customer

So, what can dealers do to boost consumer confidence and propensity to buy?

The research revealed that solo and longer test drives were key influencers for men, while positive ratings on review sites and quiet/comfortable places within the dealership to check other possible deals online were key factors for women.

“Despite most buyers admitting to being excited about purchasing a new or used car, our research shows just how important it is for sales staff to communicate with them in a clear and transparent manner to allay the concerns they have of getting a fair deal,” said Dermot Kelleher,’s head of marketing and business intelligence.

“The survey shows how dealers who go the extra mile in terms offering flexibility and a welcoming environment can increase engagement levels and the likelihood of making a sale,” Kelleher added.

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