Do you need short-term car insurance?

The standard term for car insurance policies is 12 months, but you might need to drive for a shorter period than that. It makes no sense to take out a year’s policy when you’ll only be able use a fraction of the cover. Short-term car insurance is a cost-effective solution.
Convicted driver insurance can be hard to find – especially if you only need it for a few months. Insurance Factory offers specialist insurance for people with driving convictions, and short-term cover is now available, too.

When would you need short-term car insurance?

There are many situations in which you might want temporary car insurance. For example, you might be planning to move to a different country in the near future, or go on an extended trip.

If you need to drive in the meantime, but don’t need a full year’s insurance, you could be paying for cover you will not use.
Short-term cover is useful for situations where you want to share your car for a short period, or use someone else’s. Buying a short-term policy can work out cheaper than adding another person to an existing policy.

This could be useful where you are planning a long road trip where sharing the driving with another person would be helpful.
Temporary cover might work for you if you have a car you do not drive very often – for example, a vintage classic car which is only taken out on special occasions, or a larger vehicle you use every now and again, such as a van or people transporter.
Another situation in which short-term cover may be helpful is when you wish to borrow or lend a car from a friend or relative.

For example, if someone is coming to stay with you, they may wish to borrow your car, or you might have a car which is out of use for repairs and a friend is willing to let you use their vehicle.

Short-term insurance is a great way to bridge these gaps and give you the flexibility you need without the cost of a full year’s insurance policy.
Some people use short-term insurance when buying a car. This cover can enable you to test drive a vehicle you are thinking of buying, without breaking the law by driving without insurance.

You could also buy temporary cover if you snap up a new car but want more time before you buy a full year’s insurance policy.
 A young man sitting in a car being handed the keys

What happens if you drive without insurance?

Driving without insurance is a criminal offence.

If you are driving on a road or a public place, you need third-party insurance as a minimum. If police find you driving without insurance, the minimum you will face is a £300 fixed penalty notice and six penalty points on your licence.
If you have driving convictions already, the police may be more likely to prosecute rather than apply a fixed penalty notice and points.

If the case proceeds to court and you are convicted, you could be ordered to pay an unlimited fine, be disqualified from driving and even have your car impounded and destroyed.
What’s more, if you are caught without insurance this will make car insurance harder to find.

High street insurance firms often quote significantly higher prices for people in this category, and some choose not to insure those with driving convictions at all.

If you rely on driving to help you earn a living or you live in a rural location, this can be a very serious problem and have a major impact on your day-to-day life.
Specialist insurance helps you put your conviction behind you and get back on the road without spending a fortune.
Convicted driver insurance provides a solution for people who have a driving conviction.

With over 20 years’ experience and access to a panel of specialist insurers, Insurance Factory will consider you for cover if you have a conviction for driving without insurance, driving with excess alcohol, speeding on a motorway, dangerous or reckless driving or speeding.

People with non-driving convictions are also considered.
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Who pays for an uninsured collision?

Car insurance is there to cover the cost of damage to people, cars or other property in the event of a collision.

For example, if a driver is not paying attention and crashes into another vehicle, their insurance would pay compensation to the other driver for their injuries, plus the cost of damage to the other vehicle, legal costs and so on.
The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) operates a scheme to provide compensation for people who are injured or have their property damaged by uninsured drivers.

MIB recorded over 26,000 personal injuries caused by uninsured drivers in 2018 – that’s the equivalent of one injury in the UK every 20 minutes.
Uninsured drivers are responsible for a higher level of fatalities than insured drivers, with around 130 people dying as a result of an uninsured or ‘hit and run’ driver each year.

The annual economic cost of this is over £1.8 billion in the cost of emergency services, medical care, lost productivity and property damage.
Insurance companies provide the funding for MIB, which in turn is funded through money added to drivers’ insurance premiums.

So ultimately, the cost of drivers going without insurance is paid by those who do take out insurance. Short-term insurance is always a better option than taking the risk of driving a vehicle with no insurance at all.
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What information is required for short-term insurance?

You will need to confirm your name, address, licence and driving history, the car you wish to insure and the period of cover you require.

If you are considered eligible for convicted driver insurance, you will be given a quote for one month’s cover.
The longer you need short-term cover for, the more it will cost. It is always worth considering whether a year’s policy would give better value than short-term cover.

You should also always be clear what is covered by your policy and what exclusions apply.
Insurance Factory is now offering short-term car insurance for up to six months for all drivers, including those with a conviction. Why not get a quick quote today and see how much you could save?