Expat car insurance may need to be a consideration for British expats returning to the UK or international drivers planning to stay in the country.

With a variety of policies available, it's useful to find the right cover that suits your unique circumstances. Keep reading through this page and we'll discuss expat car insurance in the UK, its features, benefits, areas to consider, and how to find a suitable policy for your needs.

Introduction to Expat Car Insurance

Expat car insurance is a specialised insurance policy designed to cater to the unique requirements of British expats returning to the UK or international drivers seeking coverage while staying in the country.

Unlike standard car insurance policies, expat car insurance takes into account factors such as foreign no claims bonus and international driving experience.

This allows insurers to create policies to meet the needs of expats, which will allow an insurance provider/broker (such as us here at Insurance Factory) to offer the right level of cover.

Why Expat Car Insurance?

Expat car insurance may be worth considering because standard car insurance policies may not adequately address the specific needs of expats or international drivers.

For example, many UK insurers may not accept foreign no claims bonuses or recognise international driving experience, which may lead to higher premiums.

Expat car insurance policies are designed to accommodate these unique circumstances, which can result in more accurate and competitive premiums for expats.

Features of Expat Car Insurance

Some common features of expat car insurance policies include:
  • Acceptance of foreign no claims bonus: Unlike many UK insurers, expat car insurance providers often accept foreign no claims bonuses, ensuring you are rewarded for your good driving record abroad.
  • Recognition of international driving experience: Expat car insurance providers consider your international driving experience, which can help lower premiums.
  • Flexible coverage options: Similarly to regular car insurance, Expat car insurance policies can offer coverage options such as comprehensive coverage, third-party, fire and theft, and third-party only coverage.
  • Temporary or annual coverage: Depending on your length of stay in the UK, you can choose between temporary car insurance policies for short-term visits or annual policies for longer stays.

Benefits of Expat Car Insurance

Expat car insurance policies offer several benefits, including:
  • Potential for competitive premiums: By recognising foreign no claims bonuses and international driving experience, expat car insurance policies may be able to offer more competitive premiums than standard car insurance policies that don't take this factor into consideration.
  • Specialist support: Expat car insurance providers understand the unique requirements of expats and international drivers, offering expert advice and support to help you find the best policy for your needs

Factors Affecting Expat Car Insurance Premiums

Several factors can influence the cost of your expat car insurance premiums, including:
  • Country of origin: Some insurers may accept no claims discounts from specific countries or regions, affecting the cost of your policy.
  • Type of driving license: Whether you hold a UK driving license or an international driving license can impact your premiums.
  • Length of stay in the UK: If you plan to stay in the UK for a short period, a temporary car insurance policy may be more cost-effective than an annual policy.
  • Other factors: Your age, location in the UK, type of car, mileage, and preferred coverage level can also affect the cost of your expat car insurance policy.


Expat car insurance can be worth considering for British expats returning to the UK or international drivers planning to stay in the country compared to standard UK car insurance.

By recognising foreign no claims bonuses and international driving experience, expat car insurance policies can offer suitable coverage at potentially competitive premiums.

To find the best policy for your needs, consider factors such as country of origin, type of driving license, and length of stay in the UK.

Let The Insurance Factory, with over 20 years of experience, arrange your expat car insurance through our panel of specialist insurers. We work tirelessly to maintain strong partnerships with our trusted insurer partners, ensuring that we can arrange suitable insurance policies for you at our best prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expat Car Insurance?

Wherever life takes you, Insurance Factory are here to support you when  you return to the UK.

Expat Car Insurance policies are designed for UK residents who are returning to the United Kingdom after being away for a period of time and are looking to insure their car. These type of residents are called Expatriates (more commonly know as Expats). 

Have you been surfing in Australia? Backpacking through India? Horseback riding across Europe? Insurance Factory are here to help you get back on wheels in your home country.

Why choose Insurance Factory?

At Insurance Factory, we’ve been arranging insurance policies for over 20 years, specialising in car, van and motor trade policies. With our wealth of knowledge and access to a panel of insurers, we're confident we'll be able to offer you a suitable policy.

We can also offer flexible payment solutions, including spreading the cost of your insurance over monthly instalments, and with over 700 reviews and a Trustpilot score of 4.8, you can be assured your policy is in the right hands.

I have an International Driving Licence, can Insurance Factory cover me?

Insurance Factory are pleased to be able to arrange competitive car and van insurance for international driving licence holders through our Ex-Pat scheme. 

Whether you have a UK Driving Licence or an International Driving Licence, you can be safe in the knowledge that Insurance Factory will search our panel to provide you with our best rate. 

If you have any specific questions about insurance for international driving licence holders, please speak to a member of our team today.

Can I drive using my UK driver's license when I return to the UK?

This will depend on various factors, including how long you have been out of the UK. We recommend checking the UK government's step-by-step guide to determine if you need to exchange your license.

Is it possible to arrange temporary cover when I first arrive back in the UK?

Yes, temporary car insurance policies are available for short periods, typically ranging from 1 day up to 28 days. These policies can offer coverage for most drivers, even those with convictions or provisional licenses.

How do I prove my foreign no claims bonus?

To prove your foreign no claims bonus, you will need evidence in English on official company-headed paper, listing the main driver's name, vehicle details, policy expiration date, and the number of years the no claims bonus was built up over.

Can EU expats get cheaper car insurance than expats from other countries?

Not necessarily. While EU and EEA expats can continue driving on their original licenses indefinitely, this does not guarantee cheaper car insurance. The cost of your policy will still depend on factors such as driving history and insurance claims.