A DR10 conviction is where a driver is stopped by the Police and given a Breathalyzer Test to measure the amount of Alcohol in the system.

If you are above the legal limit you will “Usually” receive a DR10 endorsement on your licence.  This normally gives you a minimum of 12 months driving ban and a fine. We work with a range of specialist insurers who can provide cover for drink drive convictions either recently, or in the past.

If you are an existing Insurance Factory Car Insurance customer and are considering modifying your vehicle please contact us before you purchase or carry out any modifications. Most insurers will look at modifications to your car as an increased risk, either in terms of theft or performance, and may not be able to cover your modifications. If you fail to inform us of your car’s modifications either at inception, or during the policy period, you could run the risk of invalidating your insurance cover should you have an accident.

Of course we hope you never have to make a claim, but if you need to contact us then you can call us 24hrs 7 days a week on 0800 440 2063.

Remember it's important to let us know about an incident as soon as you can, even if you're not at fault. This is because in the time after the incident you, or a third party, may decide to make a claim and if you haven't let the claims team know of the incident, then your insurance may not cover you. 
Before contacting us it would help if you have your current Certificate of Insurance or policy number to hand and any incident details such as location and date.
It is our intention to provide you with a high level of service at all times. In the unlikely event that
you should have cause for complaint, please call us or email: talk2us@insurancefactory.co.uk

Or alternatively write to: Customer Relations Manager, Brightside Park, Severn Bridge, Aust Bristol
BS35 4BL

We aim to resolve your complaint as quickly and fairly as possible. More information about our
complaints handling procedures is available here.

We’ll send you a renew invitation at least three weeks before your renewal date.

Your renewal invitation will detail if your policy is set to automatically renew.

If your policy is set to automatically renew, you don’t need to do anything further. Your policy will automatically renew using your current payment method.

If your policy is not set to automatically renew, you will need to accept your renewal, you can do this by calling us on 01384 429 909 (Car) or 01384 429 911 (Commercial Vehicle) or to make any changes to your policy.

You can cancel your vehicle insurance at any time. Providing there have been no claims, we’ll refund the premium for the time on cover you have not used. Please refer to your policy wording for details of any fees or charges imposed by your insurer.
If you cancel within the 14 days cooling off period, there we will charge a £25 cancellation fee.
If you cancel after 14 days the cancellation fee will be £60. More information can be found in our terms of business.
Log in to your portal here to view and upload any requested documents.
If you are unable to access your portal, please call us on 0121 296 3077
You’re allowed to drive other vehicles if this feature is shown on your motor insurance certificate. Often Policyholders Under the age of 25 or with limited driving experience will not have this cover.

Where will I find this?

If you look at your insurance certificate, you’ll find this information under heading 5: Persons or classes of persons entitled to drive.
If you’re still not sure, you can call us on 0121 296 3077.
Windscreen cover includes each window on the vehicle including the sunroof, although glass roof panels are only covered as part of the vehicle, and not as part of a windscreen claim.
Our windscreen claims are handled by Auto Windscreens. If the work is done by Auto Windscreens, we’ll pay the full cost of repair or replacement (less the excess)
If you choose to use another windscreen specialist, the same excesses apply, and there may be an upper limit for the claim.
To find out your excesses, click here to login to your customer portal and check your documents. Your insurer IPID will confirm the cover you have as well as any excesses that may apply.
Please note: Windscreen claims still count as a claim, but won’t affect your no claims discount.
If you’ve received your renewal invitation, the proof of your no claims discount will be included in the pack. Please log into your portal here to view your documents.
If you decide not to renew your policy with us, you may need to send proof of no claims discount to your new insurer.
If you’re cancelling your policy mid-term or have any other queries, you can call us on 0121 296 3077.
If your monthly direct debit payment is missed, we'll contact you by your preferred correspondence method to let you know.

You’ll need to ensure your payments are up to date to avoid your insurance getting cancelled. Contact Close Brothers Premium Finance on their 24/7 automated payment line on 0333 321 8566 and have your account number ready.

Close Brothers charge a £25 fee for missing a direct debit payment.
An excess is the amount of money you pay towards a claim on your vehicle insurance, even if you aren't to blame for any loss or damage.
We take the excess out of any payment we make to you, or to the garage who has fixed your vehicle.
How much you pay depends on which excesses apply.
You can add a voluntary excess when you buy your vehicle insurance, and this is added to the standard excess.

This might make your vehicle insurance a bit cheaper, but make sure you can afford to pay the excess in case you have to make a claim.

You’ll be able to see what excesses apply to you in your policy details.

If you’re an existing customer, please refer to your policy documents and booklets for details of all excesses which may apply.

Can I claim the excess back if the accident wasn’t my fault?

You may be able to claim your excess back from the person to blame for the loss or damage.
Yes, you can tax your vehicle online or over the phone without a physical copy of your vehicle insurance certificate.
You need to know that:
  • you must be insured when you tax your vehicle
  • the DVLA will be able to check you have insurance in place
We’ll send you a renewal invitation at least three weeks before your renewal date.

Your renewal invitation will detail if your policy is set to automatically renew.

If you do not want to renew your policy, and your policy is not set to automatically renew, you don’t need to do anything further. Your policy will automatically lapse if we do not receive payment.

If your policy is set to automatically renew, you will need to contact us to tell us you do not want to renew by calling us on 01384 429 909 (Car) or 01384 429 911 (Commercial Vehicle).
Foreign travel limits and cover level will be outlined in your policy wording which you can access through your online account, click here to login to your customer portal.
Please note: Many insurers require customers to provide notification before travelling abroad. You can let us know by calling us on 0121 296 3077.
Yes you can. We work with a panel of insurers who cover drivers with criminal convictions.  It is important that when you purchase a convicted driver car insurance policy through us that you provide us with as much detail on your criminal convictions as possible, as insurers may invalidate your insurance cover if they don’t have your correct details.
Most insurer’s WILL NOT Insure you to get your car or van out of the Impound.  This is because there are specialist policies on the market to allow the release of a motor vehicle at competitive prices.  We offer a 30 day policy or a 365 day policy that will allow the release of your car or van.